"Do Your Kids Complain About Chores?"
"Do You Worry About Their Ability to Succeed in 
School and the Workplace Down the Road?"

My name is Judy H. Wright, although many people also know me as Auntie Artichoke. As a mother of 6 and grandmother of 9 I have seen the full range of excuses and tricks kids pull. I have discovered the best ways to teach kids responsibility and how to be a happy, helpful, contributing member of the family.

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Look at all you will learn:

  • 30+ creative ways to motivate your kids to do their chores
  • Get the whole family working together as a team
  • Exciting games to promote helpfulness and responsibility that your kids will love!
  • How to make chores FUN... for everyone!


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I'm excited to be able to offer you these tips and techniques and hope that you find them as helpful as I have. Many families all over the world have already benefited from this information. Good luck!


Judy Helm Wright aka Auntie Artichoke

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